We’ve launched a range of interactive experience boxes, ideal for gifting this Christmas, or simply treating yourself. The kits are delivered direct to you, and come with a downloadable video, each one hosted by the boss man, Alex.

Our DIY Cocktail box provides you with all the ingredients you need to make three classic cocktails – The Tom Collins, a Whisky Sour and the ever-popular Espresso Martini. All you need is glassware, ice and something that vaguely represents a cocktail shaker…. A jam jar and you’re all set! Alex will have you shaking up the cocktails, and turning you in to budding mixologists in no time!

We have curated a ‘History of `Gin’ experience kit, utilising 5 completely different styles of gin that represent pivotal moments in the life of gin. Starting was back in the 1600’s, and bringing you right up to date, you’ll learn the history of this hugely popular spirit, and nuances between different styles of gin. You’ll also have enough gin from each sample left to enjoy a gin and tonic from all five!

With our ‘Scotch Whisky Experience’ we have selected four Scotch whiskies that represent the four key types of Scotch whisky – Single Malt, Single Grain, Blended Scotch and Blended Malt. Here, Alex will guide you through the tasting of the whiskies and explains what makes the different to each other.


In addition to our popular cocktail pouches, available from our shop page, we’ve also launched a local hand delivery service of the same cocktails, in litre format to our surrounding area.


After an unbelievably painstaking process, not helped by our mate COVID-19, we are finally in our new home!


During the very challenging times we all find ourselves in, we hate to think of people drinking sub-standard cocktails at home